23 February 2012

Day ? Something - A Youtube Video

I can't say I access the youtube very often...but when I do, it's usually to watch "My Drunk Kitchen".   It's a "weekly" program that is now in its second "season".  Essentially, the woman (Hannah) attempts to cook something, but she drinks alcohol as she does it.  

So.  It's a combination of things I really like: wine and cooking.  I find Hannah hilarious, and I am amazed how she is able to maintain some semblance of lucidity in the kitchen even when it's obvious she's "had a few".

Enjoy this most recent video - the first episode of season two - in HD, too, no less!


  1. Now that is a unique cooking show! It's nice to see that I am not the only one who has always suspected that pies were demonic.

    I also loved the bit about people who can't cook use soup as a spice (I totally used too, lol).

    1. I like her sense of humor, very witty (despite being inebriated). :)