01 October 2007

Glorious October

This is one of my favorite months ever! When I was growing up, I never really knew why, but for some reason, the changing season, the cooler air, brilliant foliage, and just that undescribable descent in winter and dormancy seemed to set my heart and spirit in motion.

Of course, I know now my embracing of fall was just the germination of my pagan roots.

The last week and a half has been excellent, weather-wise. Cool mornings, warm afternoon, cool evenings. Sunny and blue skies. Gentle breeze lifts the leaves up and down, and some flutter to the earth.

It's the season of orange, woodsmoke, cut grass, pumpkins, and rain.

And while autumn is definitely a visual and olfactory feast, it's also that time of year where I feel motivated to reflect on "things on the inside"...being indoor house projects or things on the inside of me.

I feel like this month is the deep breath before we are all plunged into the crazy chaos that is the winter holidays.

Oh yes, I also get paid today. Whooohooo!