27 February 2012

Ugh. Do I really want to talk about this?

Or more importantly, do you really want to know?

My worst habit?

Ugh.  Okay.

Whenever I go to a nail salon, I get a pedicure.  I love pedicures and having my feet pampered.  Inevitably, the pedicurist asks if I want a manicure.  And I'm flooded with a sense of shame as I say, "No, just the pedicure today."

I am embarrassed to let the nail technicians work on my hands, because I'm positive they are the most disgusting hands on the planet.  Iowa's dry, cold, chafing winter weather is the worst...my skin dries, peels, and drives me insane.

To top it all off, though, I am a picker.  If I'm prepared, I've got nail clippers handy and I can easily remedy any wayward cuticle or flap of skin without any pain.  However, often enough, it happens that I don't, and then I pickpickpick the little annoyances away. 

That's when it usually hurts...when I peel skin too far (not Black Swan too far, though).  Then, the next time I wash my hands, I'm in agonizing pain.

Obviously not enough to learn my lesson though.  It's a mindless habit, I'll do it when I don't even realize I'm doing it.  It's terrible, and I've got to get it under control before I even think about any kind of degree in the culinary arts.

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