10 January 2007

Child Development Expert Needed

I have a really weird story to tell. Well, not really weird, I guess. I mean, I definitely can't rank it with alien sightings ans such...but in my corner of the universe...definitely bizarre stuff.

So, I'm home with Elliot yesterday. I have a sore throat and he'd slept horribly the night before, had a temp, and was drooling like Pavlov's dog. So he stayed home too. (BTW, he's two and a half). He wanted to watch Ice Age in the morning, so we did, me laying on the couch, he laying on top of me. A rather nice maternal picture I've got going.

If you haven't seen Ice Age, there's this bit of a tearjerker part where the mammoth and sloth return the baby to his dad. Of course, the father is happy and it's a jubilant reunion moment. The mammoth and sloth turn to leave and the baby makes noises to them, so they return back to say goodbye.

I'm laying there, pretty content, when I hear this big shaky sigh/breath go up from Elliot. When I look at him, there are tears leaking out of his eyes! WTF? Usually, when Elliot cries, it's accompanied by a blood-curdling scream. So I ask him why he's crying. Now, I'm not sure I expect an answer...but he started talking and articulating long before our other two did, so I figure he'll tell me "tummy hurt" or "want milk" or something. He never was able to tell me why he's crying.

Now, naturally, I'd like to think he is precociously sensitive. But, I don't even know if that's possible. I mean, can a 2 1/2 year old respond in such a way to external stimuli? Can he watch a movie and emotionally respond to it? It just doesn't seem feasible to me.

It certainly was weird, I'll tell you. I felt like I'd watched him grow right before my eyes.