21 June 2008

The Call Of The Sea

Well, now I feel a bit like the Elves in the Lord of the Rings books, who, once they perceive the Sea, are forever filled with the desire to be near it and even sail over it.

Anyway, yeah, I had one of these sublime moments today when I felt the definite pull of a force other than my own heart.

We reached Myrtle Beach around 2:30 today and made plans to take the kids to the ocean. However, there was a heinous storm cloud moving in, complete with thunder and lightning. So, we settled for hustling the children to the beachfront, if only for a quick toe dip. Hahaha - right. Naturally, they wanted to frolic and cavort. Naturally, they got just about soaked and sandlogged from head to foot. Oh well. We carted them off the Captain Bennett's Seafood Buffet anyway...as is.

After dinner, we dropped off my extremely crabby father and took the kids to "Hawaiian Rumble" - a miniature golf course. It was a lot of fun, actually, and Elliot (the 3.5 year old) even got two holes-in-one! I'd better Tigerize him and get him on the PGA. It was after all this, about 7:30, that we decide to go back to the beach. The clouds had cleared off by then and it was nice, so why not? When in South Carolina, do as the South Carolinians do. Go to the beach!

The kids, of course, loved having full rein on the sand. They could run and kick and shriek to their hearts' content. All we had to do was shout at them a few times to "not go so far out" and keep little Elliot from being knocked over too many times and drinking too much salt water.

But, there I am, contentedly standing on the shore, letting the gentle tide wash over my feet. And, weirdly, I can actually feel the sand underneath my feet being washed away. The ground I'm on is rapidly eroding, leaving me a bit unable to stand properly. It was the oddest feeling...like I was drunk, but I hadn't been drinking anything at all. No matter what personal issues I have, the world keeps on turning and doing what it does best.

So, after several minutes, we begin to round up the troops. I am walking in a diagonal fashion, in a beeline for our towels, and with the way I was walking and the pull of the tides, I experienced the oddest sensation. I was actually being pulled out to the ocean with the ebbing tide. Like the ocean did not want me to leave. It made my heart feel tied up a little, I tell you.

I tell you what, though, get me a comfy chair (i.e. Adirondack) and plop me out on that beach, with that soft white sand, and I would be set for life. There's something about that huge expanse of water that reminds of how I am but a small bit of this universe. I am in it.