26 February 2012

Day 26 - My Week

How mundane is this?

Since early January (and the start of a new term), my weeks have been roughly the same.  I've settled into quite a lovely routine.

Mondays: I wake about 6:30 to shower, caffeinate myself, prepare breakfast, and herd children off to school.  I also get Spencer started on his schoolwork for the day (Logic, Foreign Language, Reading, Vocabulary, History, Math, and Writing/Blog).  Usually from about 8:30 to 10:30, I work on my own schoolwork (grading or reading or lesson planning) or meal preparation (usually a crockpot something or other).  At 10:30, I toodle off to the college, where I usually make copies or get other things in order for my 11:15 class.  From 11:15 to 1:05, I'm teaching.  After class until 3:00 are my office hours, where I usually grade, read/annotate, or plan.  I pick up the children at 3:30, and I might either go work out or come home and finish meal prep.  We eat an early dinner on Mondays because I go to yoga at six (unless there's a community theater board meeting or special event - Mediterranean dinner, etc.), and Brent has bowling at 6:30.    Beyond 7:00 pm, I return home to read or hang out with kids until they go to bed at 8:30 or 9:00.  Then, I either blog, read, write, surf the Net, grade homeschool work, or spend time with my husband.

Tuesdays: Same morning ritual, but I have the whole day free from teaching/office hours.  Tuesdays (and Thursdays) are for bread-baking, laundry, light housecleaning, or extra schoolwork.  I'm able to grade Spencer's work immediately (his schedule: Geography, Writing, Math, Reading, History, and Science).  In the afternoons, I try to get to the YMCA for a half-hour workout.  Then, it's home with the family and various supervision of homework and meal preparation.  At 6:30, I'm off to writing group at the library...and then, there's a repetition of evening events when I come home.

Wednesday: Same as Monday.  Except the only evening commitment is yoga at six.

Thursday: Same as Tuesday, except I get Land Transfer/Marriage/Dissolution information from the courthouse (it's a side job I do for the local newspaper).

Friday: Similar to Monday and Wednesday except there's no yoga.  Usually, we'll do something as a family (watch a movie, go out for dinner, play games).  Sometimes (this is becoming more frequent), Brent and I will go out by ourselves for a couple of hours (dinner, movie, etc.).  Kids stay home to watch a little TV, play Wii or Starcraft.

Weekends are pretty open.  If there's no obligation, we stay home in our pajamas, hang out, do various odds and ends around the house, etc.  Usually, the groceries get done sometime on a Saturday.  For my recent Saturday, refer to yesterday's post.  Sundays are sometimes church days, sometimes Dungeons & Dragons days, sometimes whatever strikes our fancy days.  After dinner, kids get bathed, and prepare for the week ahead. 

And then we start it all over again!!!!

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