29 December 2009

Vegas Recap

In lieu of a crapload of gifts, stuff, and toys, we decided to treat ourselves (as a family) to a little getaway trip. Destination? Vegas.

We were there two days and three nights. Here's the summary:
(Numbers are all rough estimates)

50: Escalators ridden
10: Moving sidewalks ridden
1149: Feet in the air above LV (on the Stratosphere Tower Observation Deck)
5: Near-vertigo attack (or, at least, near vomiting)
1: Old couple seen in matching track suits
5: Partially naked live women seen by my ten-year-old son
9: Modes of transportation taken (foot, taxi, plane, bus, minivan, escalator, elevator, inclinator, moving walkway)
3: Mimosas drank at Saturday's Champagne Brunch at the Luxor
25+: Number of provocative posters seen by family
5: Homeless persons passed
2: French desserts consumed (eclair and some french chocolate flower-thing)
$$$$$$: Money spent on food
Countless: Women seen wearing tight leggings/jean and boots combo
12.99: Price per pound of M&Ms at M&M World

Other mentionable moments:

Best Christmas Decorations: The Conservatory at Bellagio

Heather's Dream Shower: Our room - the Luxor Hotel

Weirdest Dressed Couple in Vegas: Typical nice-looking elderly woman (black, elegant, classy) and her date, who had on an argyle sweater and sweatpants

Best Thing: Going to a great steakhouse and great show (cheaply!) with a family friend on our last night there

Coolest Set of Stairs: Pink Shale Mosaic at the new City Center

You should all go. Yes, it well deserves the name "Sin City", but really, you should still go.

19 December 2009

Ode to Zinfandel

O Wine! Blessed tender orb of the vine!
Your sweet bouquets explode upon my tongue;
I would travel through oceans to call you mine.
Songs the Greeks and Californians have sung
of your merits through all ages of time.
Not cherry, not strawberry, not red pome;
To the radiant grape, these fruits are dead.
Nor pomegranate, nor rhubarb, nor lime;
Nothing! The grape was glory of Rome!

But, make not my mistake: go white, not red!

08 December 2009

Ode to Cocoa Pebbles

You know, when I was college taking all my literature courses, we had to read John Keats...because he was, like, the staple amongst Romantic poets.

And he may have been great and all that, but really...an Ode on a Grecian Urn? How long did he stand worshipping the urn before he composed those fifty lines? I mean, I like pottery too, but not enough to write a flowery, prosy poem about it. Aaaah, what do I know about it?

Looking back, that above immature behavior was my youthful ignorance and underappreciation for the fine arts. And so, I intend to rectify that now. I do hope John will forgive for my poor imitation. It will certainly not be as beautifully lengthy as Mr. Keats'.

My subject will be one of my favorite breakfast cereals: Cocoa Pebbles


O sweet chocolate-sweetened rice cereal treat!
Thou art music to my tongue at break of day,
I would worship you every morning, had you feet.
Your delicate shape and airy form may
Remind of me of heaven and the wings of a dove.
Twelve vitamins and minerals added to every toothsome bite
It's you who makes my milk the chocolatey nectar of the skies -
And I would endure pain and suffr'ng sent from above
to experience your glory and revel in your carbohydrated sight.
Forget calories and sugar intake! I see naught but perfection
in your chocolate-coated eyes!

For Simpler Folk:

Roses are red,
violets are blue.
The only question today:
One bowl or two?

Hail Cocoa Pebbles!