08 February 2012

Day 8 - A Photo That Makes Me Angry

Okay, fine, I know this isn't a photo.  I don't care.  It's the last graphic I can remember seeing that elicited some kind of anger response.

And just to clarify, the table above is infuriating NOT because I'm a raging Democrat or anything.  It enrages me because of how obviously, intentionally misleading it is...and that somebody out there is calling himself or herself a "journalist" because of it.

The information above looks to portray Obama in the worst possible light...by connecting various increasing statistics to his time in office.  You, as the reader, are supposed to assume that these increases happened because Obama was our president during that time.  Any sensible, logical person would understand, however, that many factors contribute to such increase in statistics, and that Obama's being in office is only one of those factors.

The same sensible, logical person would also understand that to make a final judgment on Obama's presidency would require another table: "good" increases (number of jobs, employment rates, etc).  Here, only one very, very skewed view is given.

Finally, a sensible, logical person would rightly want to know: from where do these facts and figures come?  Usually, researchers who've done the job they're supposed will tell you where they got their information.  They don't hide it, because it's nothing to be ashamed of.  You'll notice here, there is no such footnote or references.  That makes me wonder: is someone making some of this up?

To me, this graphic up to is the epitome of everything that is illogical and irresponsible.  And that makes me mad.

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  1. HD,
    Makes me mad too. There is a whole industry of misinformation providing pre-written and filmed "news" stories to local TV stations and papers. Some are pure political, some are bald faced advertisements for a product or service. With news organizations cutting back staff, expect more of this.