22 February 2012

Day 22 - A Website

Hm.  Websites I visit everyday include Facebook, Yahoo, and Google.  But...I don't think I'll waste your time talking about those sites.  :)  There's also the NaNoWriMo board I visit every now and then, but again, there's not much there that would be of interest (unless you're going to write a novel this coming November, in which case, go sign up there right now!).

Instead, let me point you to a food website I visit often.  www.allrecipes.com

I've had a very good success rate with recipes here.  I can search by recipe or by ingredient, depending on my need and situation.  Personally, I love reading the reviews and how each cook tweaks the original recipe.  Favorite recipes can be stored in a 'Recipe Box', and there's an interactive 'Menu Planner' that looks useful - but it charges a monthly fee, which eliminates that option for me.  Also, poking around there just now, there's a fun Nutrition Search option.  So, I can click the Nutrition Search button and immediately I'm given the calories, carbs, fat, protein, cholesterol, and sodium information for that food I'm looking for (chili, chocolate cake, etc). I guess so I can walk into my choice, with my eyes open, as it were.

Two successes I've had there include: Cheese's Baked Macaroni and Cheese and Jenny's Black Forest Cake.

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