10 April 2011

This Post Brought To You By *Autopilot*

...makers of "Tired As Hell" and "Lack of Ambition".

So many good things came today out of a chat I had this afternoon with a friend.  The numero uno epiphany was: I must get my rear end back into part-time work as soon as possible.  This full-time thing is for the birds.

I mean, I can't unknow something once I've known it.  Once I've discovered how much smoother my house runs when I'm only teaching part-time, I can't be happy going back to full-time stressed out eight-to-four chaos.

Nearly everything I have an interest in has fallen by the wayside: my novel, my freelancing for the newspaper, food interests, graduate school...all forgotten because all my energies are spent just getting through each day at work.

My weekends are a crapshoot too, because as much as I'd like to just enjoy it and relax, I've always got schoolwork to do, to plan, to grade.  I am crabby as hell on Sunday night, it feels like.  Or I'm exhausted.  Or I'm overwhelmed.  Or I feel blah.

You get the point.  I'm on autopilot...doing things out of routine.  Not thinking too deeply about any one thing...and thus, not really thinking at all.  Not dreaming, either. 

Oy.  Seven weeks until school's out.  A little under eight weeks till Alaska.  Must soldier on.


  1. People who denigrate teachers should read this post. They seem to think teachers are only on the job during school hours and never take into account the planning, grading, and all other pre- and post-class time required. Head up and here's hoping some of your students will surprise you in the future with fond memories of your classes. Might refresh your spirit.

  2. Not so incidentally, on every blog I've visited that asks for a security word to post, blogger has not accepted the first one, despite my typing in the exact "word". Have to see what happens this time.

  3. MrO: Thank you so much! You speak wise and uplifting words!

  4. Sorry I can't offer advice that will cure your trouble, but I can offer a thanks to you and any teacher who truly is working to unlock and expand the thinking and creative abilities of our children.

  5. HD:

    Onward, Christian teachers
    Marching as to war

    Hang in there. The "war" will be over in seven weeks. :)

  6. HD:

    That didn't come out quite right. Let me try again. :)

    Onward, overworked teachers
    Exhausted to the core...

    You can make it. Only seven more weeks. :)