07 February 2012

Day 7 - A Photo That Makes Me Happy

I suppose my kids should be the no-brainer here, but nah....instead...

This is the Black Forest Cake I made for my husband's birthday just this last weekend.  BFC is a cake that holds special memories for us - it was a dessert our college cafeteria made very, very well.

But, in particular this picture makes me happy because being in the kitchen and making such things makes me very happy.  I am grateful to have a husband with a good-paying job, who is okay with me working part-time and encourages me to pursue my culinary happiness.  Of course, when he has to eat such concoctions like this, he realizes it's a win-win situation.  :)

You'll notice my first attempt of a Black Forest Cake is far from perfect.  In fact, I stacked the cake layers wrong, giving it the weird hourglass shape.  I also applied the whipped topping too early, as it went runny within minutes.  But - the important thing is that it was attempted.  And it was devoured.

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