25 November 2016

The Hills Are Alive...

If you take out the cute pixie cut, the nun-in-training apron (and austere navy blue dress), and the alpine background...you're looking at me today.  On Black Friday.

Oh, maybe seven or eight years ago, I got the itch.  So I went BFS (Black Friday Shopping) with my mother-in-law. I remember going to a Target that had a Starbucks...so I had coffee while I pushed the red cart around the store.  And that's all I remember.

Probably better that way, really.  Did I commit any crimes? Don't know.  Did I hurt myself or anyone else? Don't know.  Probably better that way.

My main goals on Black Friday are to get through all the laundry and not leave my house before noon.  So far I'm good...I did a quick spot of groceries at 3:30 and I need to fold some things out of the dryer.

I gotta tell you...it feels pretty damned good to have low expectations for Black Friday.

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