25 February 2012

My Day (In Extraordinarily Great Detail) - Day 25

Today was an atypical day.  Usually, Saturdays are rather laid back...depending on the time of year.  Fall and spring we are cheering on the children at their respective soccer games, but winter is bereft of any such crazy weekend activity. 

But, like I said, this was an atypical day.

We enjoyed the luxury this morning of being able to sleep in.  To 7:30 am.  The kids, however, had been up, reading, since 7:00.  After a breakfast of pancakes, my husband played the best prank ever on me (in the shower), and then he and I did the week's grocery shopping.  We packed a lunch in the cooler and we were off...

to Iowa City to watch our foreign exchange student compete in the State Robotics competition.  While the boys were enthralled with the robots' antics and such, Kirby and I snuck away for a little girl shopping at one of the best consignment stores ever, Stuff Etc.  A new pair of khakis and a couple of tops for me, and a flouncy pink skirt for Kirby.  But the shopping wasn't done...

we visited TJ Maxx, where Kirby was lucky enough to come across a new swimsuit for the summer (a non-bikini two-piece!) and a cute top.  After that, our energy levels flagged a bit, so we stopped at Bruegger's Bagels for a bagel and cream cheese (Blueberry and Honey Walnut for me, Pesto Cheddar and Onion n'Chive for Kirby).

Then, we were ready to return to the University of Iowa Memorial Union for the semi-finals (both of the high school teams made it).  And about forty-five minutes later, both teams had been eliminated from the competition.  Thus, we left and made our way to HuHot for dinner before driving home (a hour and a half).

Now that we've arrived, kids are getting shuttled off to bed.  Naturally, I'm updating things here, but I should probably grade some papers.  We'll see how *that* goes...

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