31 August 2008

Here's A Depressing, Disrespectful Post For You

OK, I'm sure it isn't, but I know I'll sure feel bad after I write this. Like I'm not capable of keeping my big, fat mouth shut and remember that "there are things you say, and there are things you think...and a smart person knows the difference." Brarrrrr!

We got home about a half-hour ago from visiting my husband's grandma in a Care Center. She's been there about three weeks since breaking her ankle...but she's slowly declining anyway with Alzheimer's. She tells us she'd had no visitors today and did not go outside at all, even though we know Brent's parents came and took her to church. It's just sad, you know, because in her mind, everyone has left her and she has no idea where she is...and so I get to wondering:

Is there anything good about getting old?

Because I sure as hell am at a loss.

1. What happens when you reach that stage when you just can't quite manage living totally on your own? You get put into a Care Center, nursing home, rehabilitation facility, or whatever. The name of the place doesn't matter...because everyone knows what it is and why you're there.

2. Pretty much everyone is living their own lives and don't have much time to come hang out with their relative who sits all day in a nursing home. Hence, the relative gets a.) lonely or b.) bitter. Either way, it sucks.

3. I just cannot stand to think of the day when my faculties (mental and physical) start to go. When I am able to do nothing but sit in front of the TV all day long, I hope someone will have the decency to shoot me.

4. I know, as a pagan, one of the key tenets my faith is the idea of the Triple Goddess. The maiden, mother, crone. That this is all part of the circle of life and that life is cyclical. I KNOW! But I'm having a hard time figuring out, exactly, what I will have to offer this world when I am a crone besides a nasty stereotype.

Yeah, so that's it.