14 September 2007

Keepin' It Domestic

So, I have not written all week, because, frankly, there hasn't been much to say.

Simply put, I'm living the quintessential middle-class dream right now.

For example, I have cooked supper for my family every single night this week, complete with a side dish of vegetables. In addition, I have packed the same thing for my lunch every day this week: jello, pudding, yogurt, fruit, carrots. As a treat, let's not forget the one side trip to McDonald's this week for a kiddie cone (1 WW point). I have also made a one trip to the grocery store this week to purchase the following: ziploc sandwich bags, dishwasher detergent, and paper plates. I have taken my children to and from the following activities: football practice and gymnastics. I have gone to bed every night around 9:30 and gotten up around 6:00. Not to mention, I spent roughly one hour at my daughter's gymnastics practice gossiping about the latest hoopla at church.

This is all in addition to my career, in which I have walked somewhere in the vicinity of three miles, called two parents on the phone, emailed two parents, sent notes home to ten parents, graded about 90 reading journals, and touched an innumerable number of lives.

And now it is Friday. The culmination of the entire week, in which I will celebrate the coming weekend by taking my family to eat at Subway, getting Spencer and Brent's haircuts, and going to the first home high school football game of the year.

Three cheers for prosaicness!!!

09 September 2007

The Weekend in Pictures

La! Imagine my surprise after being out for the weekend to find four Blogstream comments! Completely unwarranted! And I, not updating my blog in four days!


Thanks to everyone who stopped by with their greetings and to wish me a happy weekend. You're all lovely.

So, we went camping this weekend (yes, again). This time we went a State Park called Ledges...near Ames. Brent and I are Iowa State University alums, so this is our old stomping grounds. Naturally, we came up to catch the football, which turned out to be an embarrassing waste - but no matter.

The best part was this park. It was BEAUTIFUL. We had gorgeous weather, yes, but this park is awesome. Bluffs and trails and nature and quiet. Due to an unfortunate, unplanned tumble in an flooded creek, we did not traverse all the trails available, but there are plans to return. Again and again.

Let's see the pictures, shall we?

This first one's the spectacular scenery. Notice the tiny figure in yellow. That's Brent and he is completely dwarfed (to the thousandth power) by the bluffs.

Here's another scenery pic. Bluffs and trails. Trails and bluffs.

This one is definitely going to get made into holiday greeting cards at Walmart this year!

This is Elliot splashing right through the flooded bridge. Soaked jeans but what fun!

Out of the five of us, only Brent and Kirby were the ones to lose their balance and fall in the creek. You can't really tell it on Brent, but Kirbs definitely has that sodden dog-left-in-the-rain look.