01 February 2012

Day 1 - Favorite Song

In these times of practically unlimited choices, it's quite hard to narrow down my favorite song.  I mean, there's lots of songs I like, depending on my mood or where I'm at.  There's also many popular songs I really like listening to right now, but I may be tired of them in a couple of months.

My criteria for favorite song goes like this: it's one that no matter where I'm at or what I'm doing, I'll listen to it happily.  I also get a little smile on my face and leap in my heart when I hear the first few bars.

And if I go by those parameters alone, I get it down to three songs.

1.  "Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd.  My blog is named after that song, and that should tell you something.  I was turned on to PF in college, and this quickly became a favorite.  It's slow, it's sad, but it's provocative.  I vividly remember spending the summer between my sophomore and junior years of college in Ames, and as I entered the computer lab one night, a guy was sitting on the steps, playing this song on his acoustic guitar.  I stopped and listened, and I will never forget that moment.

2.  "As I Lay Me Down" by Sophie B. Hawkins.  Anything, really, by Hawkins takes me back to my and Brent's first summer as a couple (summer after the one mentioned above - 1996).  We listened to a lot of SBH, and her songs always remind me of those fond, carefree memories.

3.  "I Gotta Feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas.  This more recent song never fails to lift my mood.

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