02 February 2012

Just One Movie? I Can't!

Day two and already I'm racking my brain into exhaustion.  My favorite movie?  What does that even mean?

Once upon a time, I would have said 'Lord of the Rings'.  However, when I watch it now, there are certain parts I fast-forward through, just so I can get to what I call the 'good parts'.  Is it still my favorite movie then?

These are the things that keep one up at night.

I asked my husband what his fave movie was, and he answered 'Hoosiers' without hesitation.  Someone asks me, and I've got to really think about it!

But ultimately, I think I've got two.

"Pride and Prejudice" - Not the newest one with Keira Knightley, but the 1995 BBC TV mini-series with Colin Firth.  Roughly six hours in length, I am captivated by the scenery and the costumes.  Of course, all of the characters are well-played too.  Some say there's too many shots of Mr. Darcy brooding (:D), but he is experiencing some serious inner turmoil - going against the norms of the time, by being in love with a woman beneath his station.  I love Austen's book of the same name, and I feel this version captures the spirit of the book the best.

"The Gamers: Dorkness Rising" - Not a mainstream film, but one that I'll actually watch over and over.  It's a light, comical film that depicts a group of people roleplaying a Dungeons and Dragons adventure.  Because I play D & D too, there's a lot of references and jokes that I understand.  I do love the nerd factor as well.  And there's even a hint of romance, but nothing that overtakes the story. 

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