31 May 2009

I Saved My Son's Life!

OK, theoretically speaking.

Capt and Mrs. Tiki took Brent and I to the shooting range again today.

This time, though, Capt. shook things up for us.

After doing a few practice rounds on a cardboard target, we discovered Capt. had set up a scenario for us. Using a few barrels and wooden structures, he constructed a set up of the hallway leading from our bedroom to the kitchen. The idea was for us not only practice on stationary targets, but also in a "real-life" situation. Suppose we had an intruder? Suppose there was more than one? Suppose they took one of my children hostage?

In a situation like this, what good would shooting at inanimate targets do?

Capt. taught us some special new skills and terminology.

For example:

*clearing the house: making sure all areas are intruder-free

*pieing: clearing all unknown corners/hidden areas en route to the danger (a skill seen the world over in Hollywood action films)

*in a hostage situation, go for the head...otherwise, chest shots will neutralize the threat

*getting low (i.e. kneeling, crouching) is probably pointless because it reduces accuracy

All in all, it was a pretty intense time. Shooting a handgun is fun, but it gets a bit more serious when you throw in the possibility that one of your children is involved (albeit pretend). Anyway, Capt. had us run the gamut of the course, first pieing the bedroom-to-the-hallway corner, where there was an intruder. Two shots to the chest to neutralize the threat. Moving quickly down the hallway to the second corner in living room, pieing the unseen corner housing the front door and hall closet. Moving to the opening unto the kitchen, where two intruders awaited with a hostage (our son, Spencer). Two head shots to the main perpetrator, and two shots to the chest of the other.

Amazingly, between roughly five to six run throughs between Brent and I, Spencer was never touched. WE SAVED OUR SON'S LIFE! However, the dastardly intruders are unable to say the same - we pretty much drilled their asses.

Mrs. Tiki also ran the course too...and I gotta say, I wouldn't eff with her in a dark alley.

Other highlights:

1. Gun jammage.

2. Gun jammage during course run which led to Brent exclaiming, "Shit! Shit!" and him jumping back into cover (a very good thing to do, said Capt.)

3. Gun jammage in consequent runs by others leading to the exclaiming of "Shit! Shit!" followed by jumping back into cover.

4. Brent running the first time and jumping out into the hallway a la a cheesy, poorly-made action film with a gun in his hand (Think Kurt Russell in "Big Trouble in Little China").

Despite all this fun, another successful shooting session was accomplished. Funny thing, though, I was telling my mother about it - and she expressed an interest in trying to shoot sometime as well. Hmmmm....

My mom. With a gun. Film at eleven.