03 February 2012

Day 3 - My Television Viewing History

Another tricky blog topic to write about....but maybe not for the reasons you think.

I can remember a time when our family (namely Brent and I, toddler children notwithstanding) watched a significant amount of TV.  Our weekly favorites included Dharma & Greg and Spin City.

Then, January 2001, we attended a Super Bowl party, and after the big game was over, everyone opted to stay and watch a much-hyped reality TV show called 'Survivor: The Australian Outback'.

From there, Brent and I tuned in weekly.  Religiously, as it were.  Remember, this was long before DVR or even TiVo, so if we missed it, it was VHS all the way.  And then the show ended, and remember feeling let down.  I also remember hating the feeling of being tied to the TV on those nights.

Then, in 2002, both Dharma and Greg and Spin City ended.  And that seemed to be the sign from the universe.  We never found replacement shows, and the TV was on only for episodes of "Blue's Clues" or "Go Diego Go" (during the day).

Mostly, we kept ourselves to movies...until the advent of Netflix, and particularly, the streaming component.  Nowadays, I'd say my favorite TV show is The Office.  For some reason, I get a kick out of Dwight Schrute.  Steve Carell's character (before he left) was funny, but more often than not his stupidity drives me crazy...and the great thing about Netflix streaming is that I can fast-forward through his scenes.  I often wonder, if nearly the entire season of The Office weren't available on Netflix, would I still watch and enjoy it?

Every now and then, I catch something on the Food Network, like Rachael Ray or Barefoot Contessa, but not often enough to say their programs are my favorite.

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