12 April 2012

Squeezing the Orange

No matter what method of pressure, what time of day, what type of orange...squeezing an orange will always render orange juice.


Because that's what inside of it.

For me, Dr. Dyer's orange analogy hammered home the essence of Secret #3: You Can't Give Away What You Don't Have.

You can't give away love if you don't have it inside of you.  If all you have is anger or cynicism or righteousness inside you...that's all you can give away.

Pretty darn illuminating, I think.  Brent and I have had many go-arounds about being more positive, and not so negative.  Why was it so hard to be positive?  It seemed like it should be so easy...but it wasn't.  And that was because we had negativity inside.  Until we deliberately strove the change the negatives into positives, the low energy would be all that would emanate from us.

Dr. Dyer anticipates the oft-asked question - if I want to give away love, but I don't have it, how do I get it?  How do I get more kindness?  Harmony?  Purpose?  His answer is simple: "Purpose is about serving.  It is about taking the focus of off you and your self-interest, and serving others in some way." 

At first, this seemed to smack of church or religious/missionary service...but it doesn't have to.  I often think that maybe I should ask myself EVERY DAY not only "what have I done for myself?" but also "what have I done for others?"  And maybe it's time to undertake some kind of "giving" challenge.

Today's prominent thought seems to be "I can't help others until I help myself."  And often, the idea of 'community' is limited to our homes only.  Maybe that is the first step in change. 

Other insights from this chapter include:

1. Dyer recommends that we change our inner frequencies to the higher ones of love, harmony, kindness, and peace...instead of the lower ones like anger, shame, guilt, or fear.

2. Love and support yourself.

3. What comes out of you is what's naturally inside of you.

4. Nothing in the universe is personal.  Tame your ego, and don't take everything so personally. 

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