26 April 2012

My Birthday in Links

When I Google the number '37', the first hit is a Wikipedia entry.  The number 37 has all kinds of importance in the mathematical world, like:

A prime number
The fifth lucky prime number
The first irregular prime number
The third unique prime number
The third cuban prime (of some equation I can't even begin to comprehend)


37 appears in the Padovan sequence
37 is a Størmer number
37 (Celsius) is the normal human body temperature
37 is the number of plays William Shakespeare is thought to have written


It's also how many years old I am today.  It has been a wonderful day.  Why?

Because I started my morning doing some service for others - namely, hand-delivering some birthday cake to my professional colleagues, presenting a "Cheap Places To Travel in Iowa" for a Mothers of Preschoolers group, and doing some volunteer grunt work for the professional theatre show in town.

The afternoon was then about me: a movie (the whole thing!  uninterrupted!), a finished D & D blog entry, and a pedicure.  Then, a walk with my husband before dinner with my family (at a place of my choice).  We just now got home from the professional show I volunteered for earlier - The Lowe Family.  Talk about a mind-blowing performance -  I am still processing!

A great day - giving the love and surrounded by it.

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