18 August 2011

Gifts From Korea

In the homeschool department, today was the best yet...and only a smidge of that is because because Spencer worked efficiently and was done (for me) by noon.

I enjoyed the discussion with him regarding the composition he'll write tomorrow.  We outlined it today, and I really got a kick of hearing him give details about Archimedes, Greek Fire, the Ottoman Turks, Constantinople...I mean, he really chatted it up!  How that loquaciousness will translate into a well-written essay, though, I don't know.

If you read Spencer's blog for today, you'll know how excited he was about the science experiment.  Even I'll admit it was fun to do.  Talk about hands-on - we've had three days of science this week and we've done three experiments.  None of them required more than simple household items. 

Then, it was homeschool-to-go, as Brent conducted his math lesson in the car ride to Des Moines International Airport.  That's right, the new foreign exchange student arrived today.  He was pleased to see us, but exhausted.  He slept most of the way home, actually, only waking up when we stopped for take-and-bake pizza.

The poor kid.  He got a brief tour of the house before we shuttled him off to the elementary school, where the two youngers had Meet The Teacher night before school starts next Monday.  Then, it was finally time for dinner, followed by a hilarious round of Apples to Apples (Spencer won, but Jaycob came in second).  Right before bedtime, Jaycob presented all of us with gifts from Korea...and the kids were just so excited!  Stickers for Korea!  Trinkets from Korea!  Puzzles from Korea!  Chopsticks from Korea!  A fan from Korea!  Korean writing!

They had a hard time getting to bed, that's for sure.

Tomorrow, we tackle the juggernaut that is high school registration.

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  1. HD:

    Sounds like the foreign exchange student is going to be a plus for your family.