01 August 2011

Time For a Turnaround in Temper

It's been a long time since I've had an alliterative blog title post.  And frankly, it is about time.

It was probably pretty damn clear in some of my past months' posts, but it's worth stating now: my attitude the last five months was piss-poor (whatever that means).  Okay, I didn't care much for my job and some of my relationships were off, so yeah, I inhabited a small cloud of negativity for much of the spring.  Then, school was out, and I thought the vibe would dissipate.  I visited the beautiful and sublime state of Alaska...and I thought I would get my groove back.

Wrong.  I returned home in mid-June to a seemingly insurmountable To-Do list.  Finish a yearbook, write and finesse three college-level syllabuses (and read the texts that went with them), prepare a homeschool curriculum, etc., etc., etc.  Oh, and involvement in a community theater play meant free evenings were a thing of the past.

It's no shocker really that, this summer, my attitude did not improve much.  I resembled that 'Peanuts' character Pigpen, except my cloud was composed of antipathy instead of dirt. 

And today, I had the moment...you know...that moment where you realize your crappy attitude is getting you nowhere.  It's getting you nothing, and the waste of energy on being pukey is absolutely mind-boggling and stupid.

I had the moment today...because I came across this quote, which popped up on my personalized Google page today.

"Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people."  - Eleanor Roosevelt

And I have been discussing people a lot lately.  In a not-so-great way, either.  But, it's going to change.  Because, again, not only does bitching about others get me nothing, it makes me a small-minded person.  And well, that's someone I don't really want to be.

In addition to the quote, I was reading a blog here earlier tonight, and the writer was discussing her tough financial times.  Her house is in desperate (like right now) need of a new roof, and then, this morning, her 22-year-old refrigerator went kaput.  So, this writer and her family now have to piece together some kind of patchwork financial plan to get what they need.

And I am reminded of how damn lucky I am.  So there.  Time to get better, not bitter.


  1. HD:

    Spend a lot of time viewing TV and what do you get - a discussion of events and people. Too much television can lead to brain rot.

  2. I like your food blog, it's interesting to check that out every few days. I like to cook, I do most of our cooking, plus wash the pans. Listen to classical music gives me that break I need sometimes to stop putting pins in the voodoo doll.