15 August 2011

A Busy Day, A Good Day

I know those two things do not always correlate, but in my case, today, they did.

It was an early up this morning, and Spencer and I went out for breakfast...just he and I.  A little pre-school kickoff, I guess.

The, it was back home and the beginning of the first day of school.  He chose to tackle history first.  Mondays are a history-heavy day, and especially the first day...well, his reading/notes/outlining/timeline work MUCH longer than I anticipated.  As in...he did not finish it all until about fifteen minutes ago.  :) 

But, here's already a side benefit I've discovered about this whole homeschool thing.  He does his schoolwork in the way he wants.  For example, the reason history took him so long is because he'd stop after awhile, work on vocab, logic, math, etc.  Then he'd come back to it.  Talk about being able to manage tasks!

However, there is already a snag in the road.  Brent and Spencer sat down for math and discovered that we may have the wrong book (in fact, it's very likely).  He understood everything in the book, even the concepts at the end.  But, it's a good problem to have...much like having to buy a new pair of jeans - the next size down.  Actually, I think Brent was more disjointed by the math snafu than Spencer was.

I figured I'd need to walk Spencer through his work, and I did, but I also answered a lot of random questions that came my way too.  Another great thing I discovered is that Spencer is much more free to engage in conversation about topics/assignments he's working on.  Also, whenever questions came up, and they did (where exactly is Anatolia?  Why were the Crusaders trying to capture Constantinople?  Michael VIII was a Christian emperor.), Spencer could take a quick break to the computer or book to find out.

So, in short, the kid was busy today.  It was a great day, actually. 

Now me.  I baked a loaf of bread, cleaned a ceiling fan, finished a college syllabus, got laundry caught up, made granola for Elliot, and did some shopping for the foreign exchange student.  On top of all that, we have guys running in and out of our house, putting an egress window in downstairs.

After Spencer updates his blog here in a few minutes, I shall unwind with a couple of episodes of 'Glee'...season two.

Looking forward to tomorrow.

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  1. HD:

    Another plus is that Spencer doesn't have to put his hand up and be recognized in order to respond.