24 August 2011

At The Helm of the Ship of Insanity

This most certainly is going to be a year I will never forget!  How does one come by circuitous paths to these interesting points in life.  We are:

1. Six days into life with our new foreign exchange student.
2. Nine days into the homeschooling year.
3. Four days into the new school year (for the two youngest).
4. Two days into the new school year (for me).

Sheer craziness, yes.  A new school term always brings with it that sense of imbalance...that feeling that we need to get some kind of routine around here.  The routine will come (I hope).  Brent and I have remarked that nothing we do these days is without purpose, without conscious thought and direction.  Nothing is autopilot around here anymore.

I have a million bajillion things I'd like to talk about...but unfortunately, all I have the energy for tonight is curling up in bed with a little Seamus Heaney, who has been kind enough to translate Beowulf from Old English for me.


  1. Beowulf,.......it takes a frame of mind to read that. I enjoyed it as a period piece of ancient storytelling.

  2. HD:

    And five golden rings. :^)

    You mean that you still had some energy left at night?

  3. Yellow: Heaney's translation is very, very reader friendly. And I am enjoying it very much. I think somehow I graduated from college (as an English major, no less) without reading it!

  4. Whit: My gosh, I did sort of do a Twelve Days of Christmas, didn't I? :D