22 March 2011

Two in Double Digits

As of today, I now have two (out of three) children in double digits.  Kirby turns 10 today!

She, of course, is terribly excited.  She received luggage for our trip to Alaska this summer, a cupcake maker, and a magazine devoted entirely to cupcake recipes.  She just baked her first batch of cupcakes (from a box mix).  She wants to eat them right now.  Of course.

I am struck by the awesomeness of it all.  Naturally, going from birth to a decade old, a child learns a lot about the world.  Walking, talking, eating, reading, writing, socializing - that's a lot for ten years.

I think what's equally amazing is how much I, too, have grown in the course of a decade.  I've discovered my spiritual roots, began an affair with food and nutrition, rediscovered my love of writing, become a wine and coffee lover, sorted out my professional goals and much more.

I definitely wonder what the next decade has in store for both of us.


  1. HDN, 3 one the run, I don't know how you keep up.

  2. That's what's so awesome about life. It changes us constantly.

  3. Yellow: No doubt. I marvel at this myself many days.

    Sherry: Yes!

  4. With the passing of each decade, one has either changed or stagnated. It looks like you chose to change.