28 March 2011

I Might Be The White Person Christian Lander Warned You About...

I am currently taking a small break from the brain-intense, data-heavy "Good Calories, Bad Calories" by Gary Taubes and bringing my IQ back down to normal with Christian Lander's "Stuff White People Like".

The entire book is a clever, albeit formulaic, satire of "things" us white people like, do, revere, etc.  It reads much like a numbered laundry, except Lander includes several lines of commentary to further explain his point.  Many of these were obviously directed as the ridiculously wealthy or fabulously Californian/New Yorkan/Pacific Northwestern (of all three I am neither).  However, I was not left out of Lander's diatribe - check out these sweet categories I fit into:

Stuff White People (a.k.a. Heather) Like:

1. Coffee
5. Farmer's Markets
15. Yoga
24. Wine
29. 80s Night
39. Netflix
40. Apple Products
47. Liberal Arts Degrees
48. Whole Foods and Grocery Co-ops
49. Vintage
54. Kitchen Gadgets
101. Scarves
108 High School English Teachers
121. Reusable Shopping Bags
131. Following Their Dreams
138. Books
145. Cheese
149. Self-Importance (i.e. blogs)

According to the self-scoring gadget at the end of the book, I am right around 18% White.  I'm not going to apologize for my whiteness (or lack thereof), thus flying right in the face of #55 (Apologies).

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  1. I think I read through this book a number of years ago. It was pretty good.