18 March 2011

WYWH's Greatest Hits - September '06

I have mentioned already that I've joined Blogger as part of the exodus from Blogstream.  I maintained my personal blog there for four and a half years, which is, like, forever in Internet time.

I've written pieces over there that I'm pretty proud of and am unwilling to let sink into website oblivion...but, there is also something to be said for a fresh, new start.  Unloading ALL of my old posts from Blogstream here is a task I don't want to spend the energy on.  As a compromise, while I'm getting settled here, I'll sprinkle some of my "classics" in with the new stuff.

Then, hopefully, you'll feel me.

This one's from September 2006 titled "Exiting Off the Infant Highway".  I wrote it right around the time our youngest son turned two and we knew our childbirthing years had come to a close.

I have not been giving this topic too much serious thought...been too much engaged in ribbing my husband about his upcoming vasectomy (this Friday).

However, it seems to hit me today as I sit in church, watching the four-month-old son of another church patron...and it occurs to me that I am about to be finished with a certain portion of motherhood.

Most likely, I am done being pregnant and having children.

This. Is. It. My youngest just turned two, and now when I put away his outgrown clothes, I have to think about taking them somewhere. There is no point in keeping them for "the next one."

So, anyway, I'm supposed to be sad. And maybe I am.  I'm just not prepared for the finality of it. However, deep down I know we're done. We're ready to move on to that next stage. We've got so many plans and things we want to do - the kids are finally getting to the age where we feel comfortable doing those things.

That which does not kill us makes us stronger. I know.

So yeah, we were days away from the big V.  Pretty serious stuff.  But now that I look back, it was the right decision - we don't regret it at all.


  1. After having four children, we found out what was causing it; so I got a vasectomy, too. :)

  2. I did the same thing with my posts. After 5 years at it, I found there were only a few posts that I cared about. Some were about musicians I liked and some were about my family. I have copied only those down and have them set aside for reposting when I hit a dry spell, or my life gets too busy.

    Never could have children myself. I acquired mine by marrying their father and keeping my nose clean around their mother so she would share them with me willingly. Not a perfect solution, but better than none at all.

  3. Hi,
    I haven't figured out this new blogger site nor have I had time to but I've come over here as well. Seems like the best solution. I'm not planning on trying to move any old posts over.

    I always wanted three kids. I had one at 31 and the other at 34. We were struggling financially so I figured God gave me a healthy boy and girl and to just leave it at that. Two was all I could handle anyway!

    I like Whit's comment, he's too funny.

    take care, Bohemian

  4. Whit: Hahahahahahahaaaaa!

    Sherry: Me too! I guess that shows how much we've changed as people!

    Bohemian: Yes, I chuckle at Whit's wit. A lot. Thanks for posting.