29 March 2011


Someday, I'll get around to getting some of my more important Blogstream posts over here.  When I find the time and ambition.

Then, those of you that are new to Wish You Were Here be will fully aware of the struggle I have been engaged in over the last several months regarding positivity and negativity.  It is so, so easy to become weighed down with everything that is wrong, everything I don't like, everything that I feel is an injustice.  I'd be tempted to chalk it up to 'human nature', but what does that even mean?  It's certainly not an excuse, but one many people use to absolve themselves of any bad feelings/

I actively strive to remind myself every day of the many blessings I do have, starting with the fact that I am able to put two solid, sturdy, healthy feet on my carpeted floor every morning.  I have a job, good food, adequate shelter, healthy children, a great husband.  The impact quite hits home as I see News Article #45 about a Japanese person or family having tainted water, food, or no shelter.  Their lives have been totally and utterly rocked...

Normally, when I am displeased, it is this perspective and reflections that bring me back to Terra Firma.  If I give myself the space and time, my natural inner workings are able to internalize (somewhat efficiently) any uncomfortable scenario/situation/feeling I happen to have experienced.  But, make no mistake, it is a process that requires much conscious, constant work on my mental part.  Usually, I find comfort during these trying times in people and relationships.  Usually, but not always...

I still have many miles to go, as it turns out.  There are just some things I cannot get a rational grip on, no matter how many blessings I count and reflect upon.  Case in point, this weekend has been a draining struggle to keep my mind from going to a really bad place.  And no amount of talking/thinking or chocolate or comfort food or friends or presents or special coffee or sleep or time in the kitchen is able to help.

The universe is working as it should - I have just got to get over it.

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  1. HDN:

    You might want to start off each day with the thoughts contained in these lyrics:

    (Richard Morgan & Edith Temple)

    Count your blessings one by one
    When dawn appears and day has just begun
    They will light your heart with happiness
    Make each hour bright and bring you gladness
    Count your blessings one by one
    When twilight falls and toil of day is done
    And in sweet dreams they'll come again to you
    If you will count your blessings each day through
    Count your blessings while you may
    For we are here but little time to stay
    All around are hearts sincere and true
    Lovely things abound just waiting for you
    Count your blessings while you may
    The big or small, whichever comes your way
    For then you'll find this world a place of love
    If you will count your blessings from above