20 January 2009

Thoughts On The 44th President

Mr Barack Obama was sworn in today as our 44th President, and I think I'm not alone when I say that he carries, for me, hope for the future.

I pray that he is able to fulfill everything he intends and doesn't disappoint us.

I pray that he can lift this country out of its economic funk and create promising futures for Americans.

I pray he doesn't get lost in the undertow of shady politics and sneaky Capitol Hill dealings.

I pray he gives America faith in itself again.

I fully realize the important historical time for us in this country, and it is a very exciting thing to be here at this moment. I feel as if we are standing at the edge of an enormous precipice...one false move and we damage ourselves beyond repair. So, I will end the serious portion of my entry with a message for my fellow Americans: don't mess it up for Obama. Let him do his job. OK?

Let's all play in the sandbox nicely.

Now, for the more important bits of discussion. The Inaugural Lunch. What does one serve the first African-American President and his wife? I've included here a list of the Top Five No-no Foods.

1. Crab Legs: Tasty, yes. Elegant, no. There is no way to eat this food and look sophisticated.

2. Fried Chicken: Again, similar reasoning to #1. Fried chicken is a bone-sucking finger food. Mr. President would look idiotic trying to eat fried chicken with his fancy Mikasa cutlery.

3. Peanut Butter: Too common, and yes, we really don't want to risk salmonella poisoning the President.

4. Soup of any kind: If President and First Lady Obama are anything like my friend Molly, they won't be able to avoid soup dribblage somewhere on their nice outfit. I do suppose, however, the problem could be solved with a Tide-to-Go pen...

5. Beets. As having been recorded as a staunch dislike of the President, it would behoove the chef to not serve these vegetables. Just a thought...

Second, in between the Swearing In, the Lunch, and the Ball tonight, Mr. President had a few hours at his disposal. What do you suppose he did? Did he go arrange his desk in the Oval Office? Did he hold a staff meeting? Or, did he tell everyone to sod off and go take a nap?

Hopefully, if he's smart, he did number three. I mean, I would. He's got a big job, might as well get all the sleep he can.

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