11 January 2009

January Full Moon

The first full moon of the year goes by many names: Winter Moon, Cold Moon, Moon of the Terrible, Quiet Moon, Wolf Moon, and Ice Moon.

Without a doubt, us four witches were feeling that last night. Especially the cold part. Like troopers, we met last night to honor the Goddess, during her time of rest and rejuvenation. In addition, last night was book club, and so Universal Khaki (plus my seven-year-old daughter) celebrated both. Handwarmers and space heaters were in abundance.

The moon was at its perigee last night, making it the biggest and brightest of the year. We certainly marveled at the luminescence she cast on the new-fallen snow, and I especially was awed by the sublime beauty of the stark, white snow and dark, bleak shapes of the bare trees.

We all agreed that this is a good month for reflection and introspection, and Her light reminds us that warmer weather is on its way. We, little by little, begin the climb out of the dark half of the year. And that is comforting. We wistfully spoke of warmer weather and the non-need for coats, gloves, boots, scarves, hats, and totally unsexy coveralls. We also reread our December goals, discussed if they had come to fruition or not (mine had), burned them, and wrote new goals for January.

Book club discussion was short and terse, having just finished Frewin Jones's "The Faerie Path." After two hours, we agreed to adjourn somewhere warmer...somewhere Kimba could demonstrate the awesomeness of her new Tarot cards (Celtic - in the shape of circles!).

The reading she did for me, which was very interesting, will be the topic of the next entry.

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