03 January 2009

Page Of Wands

OK, I believe that the universe tries to communicate with us in different ways. Some of those ways like tarot, palm reading, chakras, and divination get dismissed as too New Age and artsy-fartsy. That's too bad, because a majority of the planet is missing out on what could be some important information.

Mrs. Jones was kind enough to lend me her Rider-Waite tarot cards and her tarot interp book (a friend who lends is a friend indeed). With a little free time today, I flipped through the book. A few moments ago, I thought I'd attempt to do a "reading." So I shuffled the cards, and through my clumsy fingers, a lone card fell. Following the advice of the book, I decided to check out the significance of that card. Very interesting stuff.

Page of Wands

Person Type: Outspoken, direct, charismatic, high-strung, blunt, instinctive, easily bored, sexual, progressive, future-oriented, sportive, subject to wandering, and sometimes edgy or lackadaisical.

***OK, easily eight of those adjectives could be me.

The author then breaks the tarot's meaning down into 32 different category, like love, finances, home, travel, etc. Here was the big eye-opener!

Desire: You want things to change and to break free of oppression or stagnation in business/job or a find a solution to problems.

***Wow. Is this the topic looming at the forefront of my mind recently or what?

Other points of interest...

Papers: You will promote a new enterprise that involved papers and it should be successful because the public will readily accept or purchase your product.

Special Guidance: Change is in the air, and new approach is at hand. This could come through a friend who will help you "see the light" or attain a new perspective.

Pretty cool, huh?

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