11 January 2009

Tarot - The Triskele

Last night's reading was done by my friend, Kimba, who used her new Celtic cards. The seven-card spread was called a Triskele, which can be used for guidance, discovering inner desires, etc.

Position 1: You at the moment. Card: Torc - symbolizes wealth, money matters, and status. This was a fitting card since money has been on my mind so much, and we have done a lot of number crunching around here to make sure we'll survive as an one-income family next fall.

Position 2: Your Heart's Desire. Card: The Bear - symbolizes strength and hard work. Things will be tough going, but will end in success. Essentially, my heart's desire is that this change I'm making in my life will be worth it in the end. Since the Bear also represents rest and hibernation, I also desire sleep.

Position 3: First Step to Realizing the Dream. Card: Solar Wheel - which represents change and the turning of the sun, the seasons, and life itself. Change is inevitable and not to be feared. I need to forgive my own flaws, embrace change, stay positive, and be patient with the ups and downs of life.

Position 4: Possible hindrances. Card: Blodeuwedd - she is the intimate soulmate who acts as guardian of secrets. This was a tough one to decipher, but the best interpretation I came up with is that maybe the hindrance is myself, since who's more intimate with me than me? Maybe the hindrance comes from my own hangups and issues, and I need to resolve them to be successful.

Position 5: Possible Help. Card: Cuchulain - the warrior. This card acts as the old-fashioned hero to chivalrously steps to fight battles and take over. I definitely see this as my husband, who may (subconsciously) demand more "wifely" behaviors when I stay home with Elliot next fall. The card reminds me to also be the warrior and stand up to him if I feel I'm being trod upon. I figure this card will help me figure out my true calling, while allowing me to still be me.

Position 6: Future Prospects. Card: The Stag - the male deer symbolizes elusiveness, escape. He reminds me that my own safety is important and that it's OK to run away. I personally understood this to mean that it's all right to run away from jobs I don't feel called to do...if and when I return to the workforce.

Position 7: Result. Card: The Spring - symbolizing the deep reaches of the inner self, renewal, insight, reflection. This card advised me to keep track of all my ideas, insights, and impressions...contributing to a positive, inspirational life outlook. Again, this card mentions getting enough sleep.

So...yeah, an interesting read for sure. It seems to validate and encourage the decisions I'm making. Cool!

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