10 November 2016

I Worry For You, President-Elect Trump

Dear Sir,

Honestly, I won't watch your inauguration in a couple of months.  I can't bear to look at you, truth be told.  For all your millions of billions of dollars, you don't represent my ideal of a classy, sophisticated leader of the highest office of our land.

That being said, I also have not participated in the slander and libel against you that many others in this country have.  I have not called you names, I have not protested your presidency, I have not posted links to questionable articles on Facebook that discuss how this country's now on a highway to Hell.  I assume that many other disappointed Americans like myself are asking the question of What now? How do we move forward?

You want to make America great again, and that sounds terrific.  But I want to know: great for who?  And what do you mean by great?  We all define that word differently.

So I read your plan for your first 100 days in office.  Trying to keep an open mind all the while, and I have some comments for you.

1. I realize how little I know about what the government does or has done.  I have no idea what the Offshoring Act or the American Energy & Infrastructure Act is...but it's probably time to find out, because you want to change those things.  And I need to know what that means.

2. Your very first idea in your list of concerns is "cleaning up Washington and special interest collusion in DC".  And right there, for the first time, I hear that little exultant voice in my head cry out "Yes! Please! Finally!"  Start with my long-standing state's senator who has obstructed the Supreme Court Justice selection process.  You want to impose term limits for Congressmen/women and Senators...and to that I say - YES!  Is it possible you have well-thought out plans that draws in someone like me, who has had a hard time stomaching everything you have been about this entire election?

3. There are a few items that distress me.  You propose to "cancel payments to UN climate change programs", using the money instead to "fix America's water and environmental infrastructure." That sounds okay to me, but please do not fall victim to that age-old Republican line of thinking that climate change, global warming IS NOT happening and if it is, it certainly is NOT man-created.  Keep an open mind on these things.

4. I voted against you, primarily because you will propose Supreme Court Justice nominees that will attempt to repeal amendments like Roe v. Wade.  And with three or so SCJs moving into their eighties, the likelihood that you may get to nominate more conservative justices over the next four years alarms me.  Enforce and uphold what is already there, please.

5. I read through your 100 day plan.  I can't tell you all the ramifications of the actions you propose, and that is because I'm the ignorant one in this case.  I hope to not be, though, in the future.  I do know that your one big priority (and that of the other Republicans) is to repeal Obamacare, a plan that my retired parents depend upon.  Do not let them down when you decide to replace it with a "Health Savings Account" plan.

6. And here is what distresses me, above everything else I read: Your fellow brother-in-arms and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has already gone on the record as saying the term-limits thing is not a priority for him nor the Senate.  In fact, he states that he believes there are already term limits now - it's called elections.  And when you rile people up about reforming Washington and "draining the swamp", this is the number one issue on their minds.  Getting the old guard out of the city.  It looks as though you've got a great battle ahead of you on that one.  I suspect it will fall by the wayside.  That is my lack of faith in the American political system speaking.

Mr. Trump, I think you are up against forces you cannot control, for all your bravado and tough talk.  You cannot just "bomb the shit out of them", as it were...even if the American people want that more than anything.  My question, really, then is: Will you rise above this?  Or will you become mired down in the good old boys' club mentality that has caused the political corruption and distrust in America?

Time will tell, indeed.

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