24 November 2016

Giving The Thanks!

The streak lasted all of, what, three days?  I had only three days' worth of vitriol towards our incoming government?

So much for the prodigal daughter returning home.  More like the tired, middle-aged, soccer mom.

Anyway, I resolve to do better in the future.

Today is Thanksgiving.  And I am sitting here trying to think of a way to explain what it really is, or what it really means to me.  I suppose I ought to say it's about family and food...but that does not excite me right now.  I am not enthusiastic about either of those things this year.

I think, this year, Thanksgiving is all about the stop in time.  The break, for a moment, from the everyday schedule and routine.  And not that I'll be able to relax, actually, because I need to productive these next few days.  Because, here's the circus I perform in these days:

1. Adjunct teaching two days a week at College A (freshman composition), term ends the first full week in December.

2. Classwork due December 4 for four credits' worth of Continuing Education-type classes for my teaching license renewal.

3. Member of the Choir Booster Parent Executive Board, and the biggest fundraiser of the season is also the second week in December.  We've hired a caterer, but yours truly is the Catering and Serving Liaison.

4. AND...I started a new job this week at College B, also an adjunct instructor, in the Culinary Arts department.  Two classes, about ten hours a week.

5. Oh, yeah.  And it's still National Novel Writing Month, so I'm still working on that project.  Almost done, though.

I will try my damnedest to stop and enjoy the present, be with my families, enjoy the meals...but my stress level will skyrocket next week if I am unable to do some work over the holiday break.

However, I am thankful that I have jobs, I am respected enough to receive awesome responsibilities and this kind of busy is a good thing.

But, you dear readers, feast and cavort and drink to your hearts' content today!  Hurrah!

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