09 November 2016

Oh, Yes...I Think It Might Be Time

I woke up this morning.

The sun was shining.  The birds were doing their bird-things.  The Earth had revolved.

It had, in fact, not ended...as I thought might happen after last night's election.

And, ultimately, the dishwasher still needed loading, laundry needed to be folded, and the family still needed to be fed.

My Facebook feed today was bursting with all kinds of vitriol...from those praising Trump to bashing Hillary to claiming God has a plan.  And I finally turned away from my computer, went into my kitchen, and made chicken noodle soup from scratch.

And I had a vodka soda and Oreos.

And I worked on my novel (because it is, after all, National Novel Writing Month).

Yep.  That's how I got through today.

And when the soup is made and the laundry is folded and the trash is taken out, and I have a moment of brain-quietness, the shock of last night's political upset creeps back in and I wonder...

How the hell did this happen?

And that's the question that prompted me to resurrect this blog.  It has been dormant for over four years. 

But now, I got lots to say.  Lots.  And not just about politics.  About everything.  Let the rambling begin.

Welcome back to me.


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