16 October 2011

Egg On My Face

It has been a long time since I've had to admit embarrassment.  Publicly, that is.

Of course, the aforementioned embarrassment has occurred in real-time; thus, I don't even really have to mention it here.  But, I shall, so that others after me will take note.

Allow me to reiterate that important adage: Everything in moderation.

Remember a couple of posts back when I was raving about the FanStory website?  I could write and post and receive feedback and enter contests to my heart's content...and I went on and on about how Productive I was?

Okay, my fervent ardor was waned.  A little.  Last week I got caught up in entering contests, particularly of poetry, of which I am not terribly skilled at writing.  I composed a clever limerick that I thought was rather catchy...and I didn't do as well as I would have liked.  In my darkest hour, I surmised that a conspiracy was afoot...pockets of friends at FanStory vote for each other's entries, thus keeping the new blood out.

It was then I realized that I'm writing for the wrong reasons.  I should be writing to write, not writing to win fake member dollars in a contest.

And for goodness sake, I must lay off the poetry.  Someone is trying to tell me something.  But, for your own edification, I will reprint my limerick here:

Spelling Is Important

If there is a skill one should do well,
I recommend knowing how to spell.
When mistake is 'mystic'
or public is 'pubic',
it is essential, as you can tell!

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