31 October 2011

On Hiatus. Sort Of.

It's nearly November.

And that means:

NAtional NOvel WRIting MOnth



50,000 words = 30 days.

I will try to update here when I can, but for now, wish me luck...I am nervous for several reasons:

1. This is an idea that came to me as I was reading the bio of Ben Franklin.  That means there's not been much time to research.  And there's quite a bit of research.

2.  In general, I know how I want the novel to end.  And that is about it.  Eeek.

3.  I'm writing in a couple of genres I've never been in before: historical fiction and young adult.

4.  It's utterly possible that I might be called upon to write some teen romance scenes (nothing explicit)...and that is something I don't think my brain is geared towards at all.  (Now, erotica...that I could probably pull off)

So.  Here's to a happy novelistic November!

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