14 July 2011

Carmageddon or the Coming of the Messiah?

I know I live on the edge of Tornado Alley.  I know the wicked wind sweeps across the frozen Iowa tundra in January.  I know my state's weather can turn on a flash-flood dime.  I know we've got endless cornfield and cows.  I know it seems like there's nothing to do here.

I sometimes grow exasperated with Iowa, and its conundrums and squabbling and backwardness.

But then...I realize I don't ever have to deal with this:


Headline #1

Headline #2

Headline #3

And so on.  A ten-mile stretch of some well-traveled highway is being closed down around Los Angeles this weekend for construction.  Huh.  Road construction happens every 2.3 seconds in America, and it's nothing radical.  But, in this case, it is a very big deal.  In fact, I've seen the following words used in the literature I've scanned:

End of the World
Impending Doom

Would I find these same words in the Book of Revelation?

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