11 July 2011

Some Summer

The summer of 2011 is half-over!  And I still have so much to do!

I did resign from the high school, so that Yearbook job is now off my plate.  I told you all that, right?

Anyway, I have three syllabi to rework/create for the college job.  One is for an Early American Lit class, which I am looking very forward to teaching...once I create the syllabus.  One is a freshmen Composition Lab, which the department has restructured, and that means I just need to tweak my syllabus.  The other class is a Composition 2 class, and for that, I need to read "The Paradox of Choice" and work it into my already existing syllabus. 

I'm also writing for the newspaper this summer, taking classes to renew my teaching license, developing my son's homeschool curriculum, and trying to stay afloat with various writing projects.


Yes, stress.

Anyway, here's the thought that will carry me...at least for today.

Now that I will not be at the high school in the fall, I will have two leisurelyish mornings before I start at the university to cook a nice, big, nourishing breakfast for my children and establish a routine for my homeschooled middle schooler.

Life is good - today!

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  1. HD:

    That's a big plate you have there. Sounds like you will need it :^)