24 April 2011

Rewriting History

Just today I finished the arduous (kind of) task of transferring my old Blogstream posts over here to Blogger.  Naturally, with nearly five years' of mental meanderings in front of me, some picking and choosing was in order.  I copied and pasted anything that made me laugh or seemed particularly insightful or clever.  I discarded the mundane posts about day-to-day stuff...and eventually, I began deleting the negative, whining, complaining posts that had started to creep up into my blog.  Also, I noticed many dark, depressing, sad posts as well...I might have kept a couple of those, but not many.

I was struck by two thoughts as I was wrapping up this process.  One - it might be time to start up visits to my psychologist again.  Judging by some of my old Blogstream posts, and even some here, something ain't stirring the mental Kool-Aid, so to speak.  And two - I am reminded of the old adage 'history is written by the winners' and that I now know what those guys at the Council of Nicaea felt.

The Council of Nicaea was the meeting(s) of the religious leaders of the day (way back in the 11th century I believe) to decide, among other things, which books to include in the Bible.  A consensus and majority vote, and just like that, Mary Magdalene was relegated to 'common prostitute'.  A great demonstration of the power of omission.

Same thing with me, right?  On April 30, those blog posts over at Blogstream will be gone forever unless I've saved them.  However, I'm choosing not to save them all.  I chose the ones that portray me in somewhat of a positive light and make me think of happy things.  Even though the dark stuff is a part of me too, I don't want to be reminded of it.  It remains to be seen if the power of omission in my case is as powerful as for the leaders of Christianity.


  1. HD:

    Blogstream was yesterday; Blogger is today. To quote the immortal words of Will Rogers: "Never let yesterday use up too much of today."

  2. Two things:
    1) You guessed right on the follower identity.

    2) Glad to see the transfer finished. My weekend dashboard screen kept repeating your name over and over. It makes sense to get rid of the old junk and only keep a few things. Just like cleaning out the garage. I didn't bother, as most of my stuff was tied to past events, and I figured it made more sense for me to keep walking along the new path.

  3. Getting past what a disturbing movie it was, "One Hour Photo" had one interesting line. It was something about if anyone were to judge humans by their photos, they would assume we all had perfect lives and were always happy. No one records the mundane or unhappy moments.

    But hey, who wants to relive icky things? (Though I think rants are still alright.)