14 April 2011

Another Reminder That The Universe Is In Charge and I'm Not Supposed to Know What's Going On

I know I'm supposed to be working on moderation and going with the flow and letting things happen as they will...

And mostly I know not to question why things happen, because I'll never receive a satisfactory answer.

But every now and then, I hit a bump in the road and I wonder What the hell?

1.  Two days ago, I was in on a conference call with the parent of a special needs student.  This meeting had already been scheduled one time before - and while we're all assembled there, the parent (on the phone) informs the counselor that he is really, really busy and can't participate in his child's meeting right now.  What the hell?#1.

2.  This morning, I found out one of my hardest-working, most lovely students has been diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma, a form of cancer.  What the hell?#2.

3.  On a very windy night, my oldest son opens the front seat car and dings the black Chevy Impala next to us.  The guy proceeds to get out of the car, examine the non-existent mark, and mumble something about getting a guy to fix it for him.  What the hell?#3.

I know things are happening in this universe that are above and beyond my knowledge.  I have no right to question or assume anything in this world.  But, still, I just cannot process these things at all.


  1. The car thing reminds me of an incident from years ago where I dinged a parked car and broke a "side marker/reflective strip". I gave the couple my information and told them to get the thing fixed, send me the bill. They did - in spades. According to the estimate from a body shop, they needed to repair the right rear quarter panel and then replace it completely according to a car buff I knew. He said he could and would check out their car for damage. They wound up settling for replacing the part I broke which cost me less than ten bucks. I suppose the moral here is, sometimes you can't just go with the flow but have to speak up.

  2. Some days it's best to crawl back into bed. I am amazed at the "too busy for conference" in a way, but also not. I feel sorry for the kid, as I'm sure that parental lack of attention and love is absent on a lot of other occasions.