03 April 2011

Sundays Get a Bad Rep

Really, they do.

For many typical Americans, Saturdays mark the high point of the week. Saturdays are nearly the only day of the week wholly without work or school responsibilities. It's the only day of the week where it is okay to both sleep in and stay up late.

Following that act, it's no wonder that Sundays come up a bit short.

While there are many, many people who enjoy Sundays simply because of the day of devotion to God, there are many others who feel hampered by that very devotion. They attend church because they feel that they should.  After lunch, the rest of the Sunday might be spent catching up on laundry, work, chores, etc.  No doubt, most of them soon feel Sunday's imminent pull towards the beginning of the work or school week...no matter what their schedule may be.

I myself am no unique creature in this regard. In lieu of church, much of my morning today was spent in my kitchen (my "church" of sorts): puttering, baking, cooking, etc. Because of the nice weather, we all worked on outside "stuff" (me = sweeping garage and sorting the recycling). The entire family spent about forty minutes on the bike trail this afternoon as well. With kids' soccer practices and meetings and whatnot, these are activities not usually part of the weekly schedule....thus, they are squeezed in on a Sunday afternoon.

Usually, a nicer, more complicated meal is served on Sundays, simply because I have the energy to do so. Then, kids have baths, lunches are prepared for the next day, backpacks are prepped up, the final batch of laundry is folded and put away...and then, we relax with a movie. This is a Sunday tradition that has worked its way into our family in the last few months - usually it's a comedy. We somehow just feel that need to laugh out loud.

By 8:15, the kiddos are in bed (the only night they all go to bed at the same time), and then the husband and I are left to fritter away the remaining hours in whatever way we see fit...

in whatever way we see fit...


  1. HD:

    After retirement, Saturdays and Sundays are little different from the other days of the week. One of the chief disadvantages of retirement is that one loses the perspective of looking forward to the weekend and vacations.

  2. HD,
    Since I work a four on - two off schedule in health care, Saturdays and Sundays tend to resemble other days of the week, the chief difference being that the bosses are not present.

  3. I think it makes a whole lot more sense to reflect on things, spend time with family, do outdoor activities, etc, than drag your unwilling body to church. Your schedule is a good one.

  4. Is "wish you were here" a bow to Pink Floyd?

  5. Thanks so much for the comments here, gentlemen, and yes, yellow - WYWH is my all-time favorite song.