31 December 2010

The Ghosts of New Years' Past

In regards to my typical end-of-year post, I am doing something different. I am drudging up bits and pieces of the last four years’ worth of end-of-the-year posts to see if I’ve learned anything new, glean any interesting insights.

Here goes:

Dec 31, 2006:

>>Well, here it is, New Years Eve Day, and I really have nothing to say.

>>Then we hung about the house for a couple of days, playing video games and whatnot. I can't even really tell you what we did, I don't remember. It must not have been anything major.

>>And there's part of me that feels absolutely worthless. I mean, this vacation should be about accomplishments. I have so many projects I could have been working on...painting, scrapbooking, sewing, etc...and I have done nothing but sat on my fat butt. I can't even begin to think about the weight I've gained.

I love how I start with “I really have nothing to say” and then proceed to while away two hundred words. I did notice, though, that thread of hopelessness and waste that seems to permeate this post.

Dec. 30, 2007:

>>I can hardly believe it, but I really haven't done much in the last few days that are worth writing about.

>>About the most exciting thing is that Brent and I have gone minivan shopping...but, we're waiting until March to do some serious purchasing.

>>We got the Nintendo Wii for Christmas so we've been playing that. I'm kinda hooked on Guitar Hero III, so I've also been melting people's faces (well, figuratively, it's just a video game).

>>We've seen a bit of family and friends. But mostly, we've remained in our little house, eating leftover chocolate and wearing sweats.

Again, that notion that my break has been spent in meaningless, forgettable pursuits. And…another comment about eating and weight gain.

Dec. 31, 2008:

>>This year, I propose we do less!

>>1. Lay aimlessly around the house less.
>>2. Lose temper with family less.
>>3. Smoke/drink less.
>>4. Spend less time doing housework and other energy-draining chores.
>>5. Eat less sugary foods.

An indirect, slightly less hopeless way of tackling the inactivity, the sloth, the food, the weight gain. As you can see, these are the topics that seem to take up most of my energy.

Dec. 29, 2009:

Last Christmas, we took the family to Las Vegas, and basically, the last post of 2009 was a recap of that trip. It’s too bad, really, that I did not find the time to insert something thoughtful and intelligent before 2009 came to an end.

Dec. 31, 2010:

This year, here’s what I feel good about:

That I can make no complaints about overeating and weight gain this break, because we’ve been watching our intake and exercising nearly every day this week and a half.

I can make no complaint regarding productivity because we’ve gotten a lot done. In fact, I got a couple of substantial tasks done before the break, so my burden was reduced even more.

Unlike previous New Years', this time around I can’t complain at all. About anything. This whole month of positivity has culminated here – the fact that I can’t be negative about anything! Why? Because I’ve taken the appropriate action! I can’t complain about my weight gain...because there hasn’t been any. Why? Because I’ve eaten right and exercised during these days off. I can’t complain about being overly lazy…because I haven’t been. Why? Some of those long-awaited tasks have been completed or are in the process of being so.

So, here’s my one resolution for 2011: Less talk, more action. Keep on keeping on.

Have a great New Year’s Eve!

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