07 December 2010


I attended a writers' group meeting at the public library tonight. Kind of on a whim, kind of in response to a parent who mentioned it to me in passing last week. It's a very informal thing. Small group. I guess everyone in the group has ongoing projects that they are working on. The leader had two prompts for us: 1. Write a 20 line poem about a favorite piece of clothing. OR 2. Write an accidental interaction between you and your favorite fictional character. I started with #1, finished it, and started #2. I didn't finish, but I most certainly will. I'm really very poor at writing poetry, so why not climb that mountain first?


For Kerri

Winter, beware.
I have now donned my scarf.
What are mittens and hat?
Nothing, compared to a warm neck.
I'd wear my scarf in the summer,
 if I could with comfort.

A birthday present from a crafty friend,
 a hand-knitted rainbow of subtle colors.
Tasselly fringes dangle at the ends.
Is it wrong to want to worship a piece of clothing?
I loop it in a complex knot
 and feel very cosmopolitan
 in this small town.

My daughter asks to borrow it,
 and I, like a cat, hiss 'No'.
She's only nine.
 She'll lose it or rip it or stain it or
(God forbid) stretch it.
But, one day, if she's nice to her mom,
she may receive it as a family heirloom.


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