27 August 2009

First Day Of School, Nelson-Style

The dawning of a new era. The part-time teacher/professor.

Let me summarize.

1. I dropped my kids off at the bus stop for their first day of school, then headed to part-time job #1, where I would take some photos for the yearbook. This was from 8:00 to 8:30. At 8:30, I leisurely left the building to take my youngest son to daycare (temporary for the next week). Then I came back to PT job #1 and taught my ONE class. Then I walked out of the building for the day!

2. Since my college teaching job doesn't start until Wednesday, my husband and I went out for lunch. Then I strolled over to my college office, did about 45 minutes of work, and then leisurely strolled out of that building.

3. I picked up a few things at the grocery store, and then I headed to the library. In the middle of the afternoon! I felt so decadent. In fact, one of the librarians who knows I'm a teacher asked why I wasn't in school. Like a truant!

4. Then I picked up my youngest from daycare, and then we walked down to the bus stop to await the arrival of the two schoolgoers.

And, it was a lovely, sunshiny day. Almost perfect!

I shall report back when the college classes start. That might change things! :)

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