22 August 2009

Really Important Stuff

Commence nutshell:

*Two days of school are done. 177 to go. College classes start this Wednesday.

*Two really important books read recently: Ominvore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan and No Impact Man by Colin Beavan.

*One eye-opening documentary watched: Food Inc.

*Friends: Love them lots. They don't even know how much they touch my life.

*Husband: Has been a patchy summer. Feel recommitted...moreso than I have for a long time. We are working on our positivity problem at current.

*Changes: Soda pop will be permanently gone from our house by next week. This is big, especially for Brent...but I am very proud of him for trying. Also, plastic reusable water bottles for every member of this house - no more purchasing bottled water. Furthermore, school rules regarding screens back in effect: no video games/computer games during the week. And finally, this family is making an attempt to limit restaurant eating.

*And hey...let me show you what I did after watching Food, Inc. today...

End nutshell. Have a good week.

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