01 September 2009

Ten Dollars on Tuesday

Welcome September!

To me, September is one of those months that creeps in, unawares, while everyone else is either yearning for the leisure-days-gone-by of August or the costume-crazed candy fest at the end of October.

September the middle child. Of course, you love it, but you kind of forget about it when pulled apart by the demands of August and October.

The weather is already changing here. Mornings are cool, afternoons are balmy. It's hard to tell if fall is really here, of if there's a little Indian summer left in the seasonal gas tank.

Anyway, here in town, the local Farmer's Market is open on Tuesdays (and Saturdays, but I didn't have one of those handy). I live about two blocks from it, so my clever idea for the day was to walk the kids up to it. We'd combine some local shopping time with a little exercise with a little snack. Three birds with one stone.

I took only ten dollars. After we browsed one time, we were ready for purchases...

1. After sampling jams, the kids chose the pear jelly. The vendor here also gave us all free, organic, pesticide-free apples. :)

2. Homemade toffee.

3. A loaf of wheat bread. How could we buy jam and not bread?

4. By this time, I had seventy-five cents left. Just enough for a chocolate chip cookie for each child.

And that's it. My ten dollars were gone. I didn't buy any produce, no veggies, no melons...but the rewards?

1. A pleasant walk in the sunshine with my children.
2. A smug feeling at boosting the local economy.
3. Homemade toffee that I would waste a diet for.
4. An conversation with my children on the way home that ran along the lines of..."people at farmer's markets are much nicer than at Walmart."

My advice to you: go find a FM to patronize! Today!

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