01 March 2012

The Finale - Dream For the Future

A dream for the future, eh?

Well, it is then this:

I (as well as my husband) am retired (or semi- or pseudo- or not, if I love my job).  My children are grown, out of my house, and are living happy and successful adult lives.  I'm sure there will be grandchildren at some point for us (although, if not, life will go on).

Due to modern medical advances, we are quite in excellent health for our ages...in fact, a complete physical checkup in the last week (for both of us) turned out extremely satisfactory results.  We are on no medications, eat healthy and not to excess, and get some kind of exercise every day.

Because we made good financial choices in our twenties and thirties, we now have some reliable fundage to keep us going well into our nineties and beyond.

And with that, Brent and I purchased ocean-side property on some island in the Aegean Sea.  We spend most of our time there, basking in the Grecian sun, eating dried-out octopus and other such local fare (which I cook up in amazing ways).  Thanks to my lucrative best-selling novels and cookbooks, we have the money to fly our kids and any grandchildren to Greece every December for Christmas and New Year's.

Not too shabby, eh?

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