28 November 2011

The Caterpillar: A Metaphoric Parable

You all know how the caterpillar works.  She inches along, plodding, just wanting to get through this day, the next day....and so on.

Then, one day (quite unexpectedly, I imagine) she begins that biological process of metamorphosis.  Wrapping herself up in a cozy, little cocoon, she is cut off from the world for days.  And, then that day comes when she breaks free and reemerges as a butterfly.

That's always where the story ends.  This parable is told often to children who are entering that "awkward" stage of their lives...someday they too will metamorphose from a slow, chubby caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly.

Except, nobody ever tells these kids that being a butterfly (or adult) can be just as awkward as being a caterpillar.  Nobody ever mentions that being a butterfly is actually a bit more arduous and full of responsibility.  Pollination?  That's a pretty serious task.  Sure hope they can handle it.

So...now that we're thoroughly depressed...let's bring it back around.

November is a month of metamorphosis for me.  I usually withdraw into the tight little circle of my own home, disregarding much of what happens in the outside world.  Part of this process is because of National Novel Writing Month, where many crazies like myself hole up to write a 50,000 word novel in thirty days.  But, with the onset of colder weather and the holidays, it's just a natural time for me anyway to "cocoon" myself up, so to speak.

Now, here at the end of November, I'm preparing to emerge from back into world.  Like the butterfly, though, there is work to do.  Responsibilities, jobs, duties, chores all await

Nothing like a little Henry David Thoreau Transcendentalism to start your day off right!

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